Stain Removal Tips

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Stain Removal Tips

Important: Before any stain treatment, test at a location that is as inconspicuous as possible, so that the material can handle the treatment well. Please do not do any experiments with chemicals, because they could fix the stain under certain circumstances and a professional who has been brought in later can then do nothing more.


New beer stains are washed out with lukewarm water. Older stains are treated with carbon tetrachloride or fine washing lye and rinsed. blood Blood is washed out with lukewarm fine-wash lye and subsequently rinsed.


A coffee stain should be rinsed with warm water and glycerol (1: 1) and then rinsed. chewing gum Deep-freeze the stain with either dry ice or a chewing gum spray. Then splinter with a small hammer and vacuum. Remaining residues are blotted with stain spray or stain water.


1. With vinegar water

2. Moisten the area with warm water of approx. 40 degrees and then leave on for approx. 10 minutes. Finally, rinse everything well.


Place blotting paper on the wax stain and iron out the stain with a hot iron. For larger wax stains, renew the blotting paper over the wax stain several times until no staining occurs on the blotter paper. Subsequently rub with carbon tetrachloride.


Sugar is rubbed with lukewarm water.

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