Sunscreen - insect repellent

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Sunscreen – insect repellent

Sunscreen has many faces. Folding blinds, roller blinds, blinds, area and louver curtains not only regulate the brightness in the room, they also create an atmospheric ambience through the alternation of light and shade. Its tasteful design and the large variety of fabrics makes it an attractive window decoration. Set attractive design accents and ensure optimal light and climate conditions through sun protection elements.

A window decoration using decorative fabrics and stores as well as a visual or sun protection system offers not only a creative and pleasant visual effect but also a number of factual advantages for your room

  • Warmth and protection against the cold
  • Reduction of the UV rays to parquet flooring, furniture and carpets (the bleach out is significantly prevented)
  • Reduction of air-borne noise
  • Reduction of pollutants through the use of intelligent fabrics which for example can convert up to fully the entire amount of nicotine or formaldehyde in the air and convert it into non-toxic substances.
  • Strengthening of the privacy

Due to our knowledge and experience we are in a position to make proposals for the decoration of even difficult window forms. For this we make use of different mounting equipment (rails, rods, wires and so forth), as well as visual- and sun protection systems (pleats, horizontal bars, vertical blinds, roller blinds) and of course our own experience.

Please take a couple of minutes to view some examples in the section curtains, plissées, blinds, vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, panel curtains.

Folding Store or Plissé systems

Nowadays it is not possible to decorate private areas without plissee systems. Their use is very popular in kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, or winter gardens. They are also often employed in other rooms such as living – or study rooms.

The systems require only a small amount of space, can be operated from the head rail and/or bottom rail, are available in a myriad of different fabrics (transparent, translucent, opaque, with or without a perlex covering) or constructed as intelligent energy savers in the form of a honeycomb-shaped double hanging (Duette). They are very convenient in protecting privacy, sunshine and cold and have a ravishing design. On top of that, they can be used almost for every window shape and type. Whether ceiling, roof, trapezoidal window a plissé system can be installed. Nevertheless, for winter gardens it is important to mention, that between the plissé system and window sufficient ventilation and air circulation is ensured.

Bild Duette Plissee türkis

Roller Shades

Neben den Faltrollos und Raffrollos gibt es nach wie vor noch die glatten Sprungrollos. Sie werden heute kaum noch mit Mittelzug geliefert, sondern mit einem angenehmen Kettenzug wahlweise rechts oder links. Sie gibt es in versteiften Transparent-,Lichtdurchlässige – und Verdunklungsstoffen. Der Einsatz bei geraden als auch Dachflächenfenstern ist möglich. Im Bereich Dachflächenfenster werden sie zudem mit seitlicher Führungsschiene und entsprechenden Stoffen zur Verdunklung angeboten.

In addition to plissés and roman blinds, there are still the smooth (roller shades) jump blinds. Today roller shades come hardly with a central lift cord, but with a pleasant chain lift optionally on the right or left side. You find them in stiffened transparent-, translucent – and blackout fabrics.

The use for straight windows as well as skylight windows is possible. For skylights, roller shades are also offered as blackout roller.

Special types are the Nano Rollo and the Twinlight Rollo.

The Nano Rollo allows installation on the window without screws or drillings. You simply attach a special hook-and-loop tape directly on the window glass. This allows a residue free removal for example when moving homes; which can be not only beneficiary in rental housings.

The Twinlight Rollo is a double rollover system. Incidence of light and perspective are individually adjustable. The fabric strips are available in widths of 45, 75, 110, 200 and 400 mm and a variety of colours to choose from.

Vertical Blinds

Lamella curtains are offered in 89 mm, 127 mm and in a very few cases also in a width of 250 mm. They are available in plain, transparent, translucent, obscuring, with lasercut motives or, for some time now, with great art motifs of digital printing.

Lamella systems are not only suitable for normal windows. They can also be made for windows with special shapes for example slants, bays, windows with curves or skylights.

As a result of the possible applications of these systems, the many new materials, the flexibility to combine the individual lamellas, the lamella system has found more and more friends in the private sector. Beneficial in this context is further the offer of business’s to give help in cleaning the equipment. The customer is not left alone with this problem any longer.

We also offer our help in cleaning your equipment. Just give us a call if necessary.

Venetian Blinds

Die ursprüngliche Jalousie, die vielfach in Bürogebäuden Einsatz fand hat sich auch aufgrund ihrer Fortentwicklung den Wohnraum erobert. Heute hat man eine große Auswahl betreffs Farbe, Lamellenbreite, Bedienung, Anbringung und vielem mehr.

The original blind, which often was used in office buildings, has captured the private housing area due to their enormous development. Today the customer has a choice of color, in width of lamellas, operation, installation and much more.

For quite some time now, an individual positioning of moving the headrail and/ or the bottom rail is possible for venetian blind systems as it is for folding store systems. This system is called lift.

Another interesting venetian blind is the so-called Variozone. It divides the blind into equal segments which allows to open segments for instance in the middle by keeping the lamellas of the other segments closed.

A further differentiation can be done between the Ondulette or the Mega View Venetian blind.

The ondulette produces through an innovative cutting technique a decorative change of colour, shape and form. The latter, however, can double the free look-through between lamellas.

The attachment of blinds equipment is possible between the glass panels, on the sash, in the window niche, above the window and for skylights.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Get a hint of luxury of the good old days by means of wooden venetian blinds in your rooms. The choices in materials, technology and shades are extended through a variety of lift bands and control elements. Certainly, your very own wooden venetian blind can be constructed.

Insect Protection for Windows and Doors

Enjoy open window/doors without the plague of annoying insects in the home. Protect your skylights against unwanted leaves. Whether blind or roller blind. We deliver the right sun protection in all price ranges. In addition, we offer a free measurement service and ensure the perfect installation of your chosen sunscreen.

A solution for every window shape

Bild Sonnenschutz in Küche

Is there a possibility to decorate all different window types and formats?
Our today’s modern architecture provides for a wide variety of windows forms:

  • rectangular
  • square
  • floor to ceiling
  • round
  • triangular

Our experience Your advantage

Based on our knowledge and experience, we are able to suggest you how to decorate even difficult window shapes. For this we have a variety of attachment systems (rails, rods, cable, etc.) and visual and sun protection systems (pleats, horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, roller blinds) and of course our own based on experience matured creativity.

Tips from the sun protection specialist:

Since the European Union rewrote the Occupational Health and Safety Act to national law, the anti-glare facilities have changed their perspective. For example, the VDU Regulation requires that luminous and illuminated areas should not cause glare on the screen and reflections should be avoided wherever possible. The windows must be equipped with the appropriate adjustable light protection device that reduces the amount of daylight entering the screen workstation.

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