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Italian Designer furniture by Miazzo

Collection Élite

What could be nicer than a portion of luxury?

If you are looking for a timeless and stylish companion for your home, you will find the right choice with the Élite collection from Miazzo.

Since time immemorial, the specialist reproduction of furniture in the Biedermeier, neoclassical and deco ‘style has been one of the strengths of Miazzo. This collection of Italian wild cherry is characterized by a simple and functional model and the tedious and today hardly used final hand polishing.

The straightness and essentiality of the contours are complemented by the warmth and liveliness of the hand-polished wood shellac in a soothing way. Small furniture such as small tables, consoles and writing desks with many hidden secret compartments but also larger and stately furniture, which give even the most modern facilities a warm contrast and complete the overall picture of the room.

Bild italienische Designermöbel Miazzo

Miazzo Versions

What is more beautiful than intelligent furniture that brings joy?

The furniture manufactory, Miazzo, from Italy processes exclusively cherry wood. The cherry tree surface is stained with natural pigment dyes and then hand polished with shellac. Each piece of furniture is made to your individual wishes. Depending on the furniture, the following versions are possible:

  • Cherry mid-tone (M)
  • Cherry dark-tone (S)
  • Painted black (LN)
  • Painted red (LR)
  • Painted white (LB) 

If you wish, we can also advise you on site to realize your individual dream home.

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Standing desk Schiller Leggio

Standing desk with hinged front part. Concealed intarsia profile, with upper secret pocket for pens, as well as an extendable movable plate.

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