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For over 260 years sells the company Schwinn & Starck – back then known under the name Nothnagel´sche  Tapetenfabrik und Handlung– wallpaper. Even if the manufacturing of the product has changed over this long period of time, one differentiates between different wallpaper types, nevertheless, they follow the same objective to decorate the walls of your home. The number of possible selections have increased to a vast sum and thus no decoration stile has to be without a wallpaper. Over 20.000 different wallpapers await you at our store to be selected and hanged at your home.


It seems to be a natural need of the person not only to decorate the objects of the everyday need but also the walls of his home.

Stone age drawings, graphic patterns in the first flats, wall paintings, wall hanging-beginning from animal coats about luxurious materials, the finest tapestries, Leather-, oilcloth-, paper -wallpaper up to our today's big choice in the most different wallpaper is only the logical consequence of this development.
To contrast by means of personally formed walls of others, our everyday life a piece was to be carried away and to be brought itself and other to the amazement, admiring, enjoyment, relaxation and is for many people a high aim.
Also Goethe; his parents in our business of the Nothnagelschen at that time bought wallpaper factory and action wallpaper, this experience has made.
In a letter from the 29th of July, 1810 he writes to the inhabitants of Weimar’s art adviser Heinrich Meyer:
„from the categories which themselves could shame the writer: In my room is the paper wallpaper which occupies me already six days. A wondrous art and fabric-appearance. The pictures are made with the holy 7 number by colours.
And, nevertheless, one does not understand it, because every technology has her secrets.
Enough of what light, shade, position are capable, is used as elegantly as “flügelmannisch” to the effect. It is as if one saw a French theatre“
Nevertheless, these are not only the colors of the wallpaper which bring our minds to the wings, but also stimulate the illustrated forms, which expiries and the optics of the material, which our mind and provide by right choice an indescribable effect for good sensations
him no painted wall can reach.

Today, unfortunately, many people do not know this effect and are content, it is to be decided from practical considerations or the fear wrong, with the rather infertile, interchangeable mostly white rough fiber wall.
Go past, browse in our wallpaper books, enchant your walls.
An immense number of the most different designs, colors and wallpaper kinds wait around your home to the personal painting to give. We lead more than 20000 different wallpaper of the normal paper wallpaper about vinyl, textiles, grass, varnish, cork, picture wallpaper up to the new fleece wallpaper. In the meantime, of course there is also wallpaper, which offers  us the opportunity to solve problems in our 4 walls.  Such wallpapers can cover for example tension tears, hold noise, humidity, cold, mould or make the future change of scenery very easy (e.g., Sempatab, patent fleece, Microna).
It would be our pleasure to help you find the right wallpaper from the vast amount of selections.

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Selected Brands

Marburger, Rasch, Rasch Textil, Schmitz, Essener, Brigitte von Boch, Omexco, Casadeco, Casamance, Sandberg, Morris & Co., Thibaut, Komar, Khrôma, Nobilis, Arte, Pongs, Hookedonwalls, Vescom,  and many more...

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