Carpet Purchase

During the purchase of a carpet and especially for oriental carpets it is important to advise a professional reseller. This is advisable since only an expert can consider all oft he important aspects of a carpet.

These are important to consider for the following reasons:

  • Knot density,
  • Quality of the material,
  • Type of Colorant,
  • Age of the carpet.

Due to the previously mentioned reasons it is important to consider consulting an export in a professional store, as the relative validation is of important. Admittedly, non-professionals can inform themselves via literature about these facts, however, for example not always is a high knot count a valuable characteristic of a carpet.

Further, it is not recommendable to purchase a carpet from an errant carpet trader or discounter. Both the quality and the price is most of the time not equal to the one that is displayed. Especially discounters have set inflated prices to grant tempting discounts.

The most obvious criterion to consider is the own taste. The furniture, the measurements and the price range are important aspects, nevertheless, one has to live with a carpet for a long time and thus it may seem short sighted to only look at the price if the carpet is not of ones taste.

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