Carpet care tips

The durability of a carpet is often determined by the style and the materials used for manufacturing, however, this can vary greatly depending on the provenience.

Daily cleaning

In case of daily cleaning, the best method is to use a carpet brush or a vacuum cleaner. It is important to ensure to brush / vacuum in the direction of the pile. A relatively regular vacuuming is not only important to clean the carpet from dust, but also to prevent moths.

Stain cleaning

Stains should be treated as soon as possible. For example moisture should be dabbed off immediately with an absorbent cloth and eventually with lukewarm water from the outside to the inside. Afterwards, the area should be rubbed dry gently with a cloth.

Grossly contaminations

When the area is grossly contaminated it is recommendable to undertake a complete carpet wash. It is very important to ensure that the correct method is applied, because otherwise the washing can cause damage to the carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning by specialists

Each rug washing needs the right method. The carpet in the processed material plays an important role. When the carpet washing the dirt to be successful, but stillgently removed. Partly it is the pollution to a very stubborn stains can be removed onlyby a professional with years of experience.
We clean your carpets professionally, caution after Persich kind and treat your pieces will naturally high.

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Steps to prevent any damage to your carpet

  • No flower pots on the carpet to mitigate risk due to moisture
  • Protect the carpets from direct sunlight
  • Repair damages (e.g. on fringes and moths) professionally as soon as possible our repair service helps
  • Protect carpet from moths
  • Wash your carpet every 5 - 10 years to eliminate dirt in the lower fabric
  • Use of step-protecting and slip-resistant underlyings to increase the life of your carpet and avoid the risk of accidents
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