Vertical Blinds

Lamella curtains are offered in 89 mm, 127 mm and in a very few cases also in a width of 250 mm. They are available in plain, transparent, translucent, obscuring, with lasercut motives or, for some time now, with great art motifs of digital printing.

Lamella systems are not only suitable for normal windows. They can also be made for windows with special shapes for example slants, bays, windows with curves or skylights.

As a result of the possible applications of these systems, the many new materials, the flexibility to combine the individual lamellas, the lamella system has found more and more friends in the private sector. Beneficial in this context is further the offer of business’s to give help in cleaning the equipment. The customer is not left alone with this problem any longer.

We also offer our help in cleaning your equipment. Just give us a call if necessary.



Teba Lamelle 1A
Teba Lamelle 4B
Teba Lamelle klein
Teba Lamellenvorhang
Teba Lamelle groß

Our Tip

By installing a slope system please remember that when pulling the lamella it can touch the floor. However, for these systems it is optimal to keep the lamella in place and only regulate / adjust the lamella with respect to incidence of light. Then it will ensure a nicely designed and perfect form of window decoration.

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