Curtains and Visual- and Sun Protection Systems

A window decoration by means of decorative fabrics and stores as well as a visual- or sun protection system by means of roller blinds, horizontal- or vertical blinds, plissés and panel curtains offer not only a creative and enjoyable visual effect but also a couple of factual plus points for your room:

  • Warmth and protection against the cold
  • Reduction of the UV rays to parquet flooring, furniture and carpets (the bleach out is significantly prevented)
  • Reduction of air-borne noise
  • Reduction of pollutants through the use of intelligent fabrics which for example can convert up to fully the entire amount of nicotine or formaldehyde in the air and convert it into non-toxic substances.
  • Strengthening of the privacy

Is there a possibility to decorate all different window types and formats?
Our today's modern architecture provides for a wide variety of windows forms:

  • rectangular
  • square
  • floor to ceiling
  • round
  • triangular
  • etc. 

Due to our knowledge and experience we are in a position to make proposals for the decoration of even difficult window forms. For this we make use of different mounting equipment (rails, rods, wires and so forth), as well as visual- and sun protection systems (pleats, horizontal bars, vertical blinds, roller blinds) and of course our own experience.

Please take a couple of minutes to view some examples in the section curtains, plissées, blinds, vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, panel curtains.

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